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Dear Yak

Dear evil  yac!!!   Once  upon a time there was a evil yac and then the evil

yac toce Simon and if you don’t gef me back Simon I…

well rep you to pesis!!!😡😡😡




Dancing Yak

Once upon a time the evil yak untied Simon and Simon was dancing around. The evil yak was starting to fall over and Simon escaped.😧😧😳😞😕😟🙁☹️😮😦we want him back. By Anais

Strong man

once upon a time there was a man called tj he was the strongest man possible he can pick up 200000000 trains . He can even pick  up 987654321  houses yea he’s to strong enough for you man hahahahahahhaha dear yuck I’m going to save Simon you can’t stop me loser from TINYTEEJ


I now you have Simom Mr yuk

When Summersult jumps on your head you will go down deep  in the ground and you will never come back so be careful. I will go around and around and you will fall out the world


one day hulk was changed to a fight against yuck .hulk jumped in to

landed on his action yuck  was terrified but he punched him but missed him hulk

  • smashed yucks face that’s what you want yuck punched hulk.but hulk landed on his feet and punched yucks


Dear   Yuck, here is my   story

My name is   Nemo I  was in  a cave fighting the worst nightmare a half jelly and has a head the shape of a human and legs were donkey legs. The body was extremely big . I couldn’t defeat the nightmare on my own so I called the BFG he caughted it in a jar


Yak I want Simon back! I will a to Australia so release him or I will use my fast flying speed powers and my fly power to throw you in Jupiter with my throwing powers. When you get there you will smash into the plant and you will get stuck HAHAHAHAHAHA!

i fought the evil dinosnail I destroyed him touched him and he broke in to pieces see how you like that btw my name is Kuro kaza see me at Wales.

Dear   Yuk   If  you let  simon. Go I. wil  tel you my  story  my  sooperhero   is flower shield once l. made my flower go to Africa. I’m goin to put you on my flower if you don’t let Simon go. ✌

Evil Yak. I will use my jumping power to defeat you. If you don’t release Simon I will kill you.

I was on a train and I saved a bomb from exploding, but I saved it luckily and I will jump on your head and I will make you walk the plank, and Yak is in the whale’s mouth. He prayed. And then God came to talk to the whale. “Open your mouth. Because long before you betrayed me.” And then God thought that he’d made a horrible mistake, I will not defeat you. And he made him go back on board and released Simon. ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🎾🏌⛳️🏑🏏🏸🌇💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💷💣🔪🔫💰💣🚬🔮🗡⚱⚔🌡💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶💶

Evell  yak  we  want  Simon  back on track and I don’t want  him to get hert  and We Will Have The best  powers.😡😤you are so week 💀💣🔫⚔⚰🔪☠💉💎💷💶💴💵

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