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My favourite thing about digital literacy is learning to write stories .

I have leant to use my imagination when writing.

My favourite story is super boy.

By yeray


1. I like when Paul  came

2. I have Lernt how to  blog.

3.My favourite story was  the perfect  police man.

4it would  be much better if we did more blogging.


I liked when I done my onne story of saving Simon from yak or yuk I like to play Fifa 16 fut drafts

⛏⚒I love story teling .i liked doing my story

I like you to not leave st batsfolimooms make pitchers and storys

i like doing with you lots more games and party food

to dumbest the most yuckest person in THE WORLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD Yuk am going to tell you my most boring  story everrrrrrrrrrrrrrmrry.                          Once upon a time there was 16 charters named Messi,Ronaldo,Neymar,suarez ,alexis Sanchez,Harry Kane,Diego Costa,Oliver giroud ,meust ozil,auergo,jake,,trey,Aaron,Kai, all of them all play football and a time Misheim messi and Sanchez gone and all of the them die to death I tricky you yuk good

“I am not a aorther but you could call or E-mail  Michael Rosen he is a aorther life well spent yak why did I say that good bye🌮 you should a bereato there nice

To Yack

i am your father and you have to give us Simon Back or I will shrink you so give us Simon back.

once again hello Yack I am your mum.