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My favourite thing about digital literacy is learning to write stories .

I have leant to use my imagination when writing.

My favourite story is super boy.

By yeray


1. I like when Paul  came

2. I have Lernt how to  blog.

3.My favourite story was  the perfect  police man.

4it would  be much better if we did more blogging.


I liked when I done my onne story of saving Simon from yak or yuk I like to play Fifa 16 fut drafts

⛏⚒I love story teling .i liked doing my story

I like you to not leave st batsfolimooms make pitchers and storys

i like doing with you lots more games and party food


Calling all at St Bartholomew’s……

We need your help!

Our friend Hercufleas has been captured by the evil Yak! Yak came and found us, we tried to escape but Hercufleas was taken! We have no one else to turn to, will you help? We need superheroes with amazing super powers to help us find Hercufleas and defeat the evil Yak!

Will you help?

Please reply as soon as you can!!!!!!!!

Friends of Hercufleas.



The Hungry Giant

Once upon a time there was a Easter bunny who had lots of chocolate eggs and a Giant who loved eating chocolate eggs so the Giant took the Easter bunny and the eggs into his cave and eat all of the eggs

by Harmony