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Electric Balls

Evil yak we wan’t Simon back!.

You won’t get away with this! I’ve defeated the strongest monster in the world.I have got a power.I have powers I can throw ELTRIC BALLS.

From cleo





I now you have Simom Mr yuk

When Summersult jumps on your head you will go down deep  in the ground and you will never come back so be careful. I will go around and around and you will fall out the world


Dear   Yuck, here is my   story

My name is   Nemo I  was in  a cave fighting the worst nightmare a half jelly and has a head the shape of a human and legs were donkey legs. The body was extremely big . I couldn’t defeat the nightmare on my own so I called the BFG he caughted it in a jar


Girls lost in the woods🍀🍀

We went to Mayou park and I saw a friend but we didn’t want her to see us.So I skipped through the trees  calling my friends Lilly and Zasha to the forest 5mins later we stopped half way I said STOP 2 girls came guiding us through the forest  Zasha got scared because she heard a wolf.              ByOlivia year3


The Lonely Dog

Once there was a dog. That wanted to play and she asked her owner.

But she was busy cleaning and she wen’t out the cat flap and sore a baby seal and the baby seal wanted to play with the dog. So they played and played in the rock pools and they had lots of fun and they kept playing and  playing

❤️⛄️☃❄️☄✨☀️⛅️☕️⚽️⚾️Written by cleoBy by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx⛲️❣✏️⚫️⚪️