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Digital Literacy

My favourite thing about digital literacy is learning to write stories .

I have leant to use my imagination when writing.

My favourite story is super boy.

By yeray


1. I like when Paul  came

2. I have Lernt how to  blog.

3.My favourite story was  the perfect  police man.

4it would  be much better if we did more blogging.


I liked when I done my onne story of saving Simon from yak or yuk I like to play Fifa 16 fut drafts

⛏⚒I love story teling .i liked doing my story

I like you to not leave st batsfolimooms make pitchers and storys

i like doing with you lots more games and party food

to dumbest the most yuckest person in THE WORLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD Yuk am going to tell you my most boring  story everrrrrrrrrrrrrrmrry.                          Once upon a time there was 16 charters named Messi,Ronaldo,Neymar,suarez ,alexis Sanchez,Harry Kane,Diego Costa,Oliver giroud ,meust ozil,auergo,jake,,trey,Aaron,Kai, all of them all play football and a time Misheim messi and Sanchez gone and all of the them die to death I tricky you yuk good

“I am not a aorther but you could call or E-mail  Michael Rosen he is a aorther life well spent yak why did I say that good bye🌮 you should a bereato there nice

To Yack

i am your father and you have to give us Simon Back or I will shrink you so give us Simon back.

once again hello Yack I am your mum.


Dear evil yuck I have got a message for you give Simon back and that’s a order.

i am your master and I will tell you my story.

years ago I defeated 1200000 blood sucker beetles and 900080059

vampiers. If you do not give Simon back you will suffer the conciquences PLEASE reply your master.

the plan to get the witch out of my house

There is a boy who Find himself in a  hous were every fink was there that he dreamed about was there. Rushing He binding  room and his fart toy there and there was a reality big tree wate proble went up to the sky and he saw a girl a she said a witch  won your land  and  was werck a pohion for 10000000 years

danny year 3

Police man

Once upon a time this boy was driving and there was a police behind him and after the police came and the person who was driving had no licence and the police caught the man then the boy ran away then the police man  slaptthe boy in the face
Just like I wil bo to yo yuk …..😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Electric Balls

Evil yak we wan’t Simon back!.

You won’t get away with this! I’ve defeated the strongest monster in the world.I have got a power.I have powers I can throw ELTRIC BALLS.

From cleo




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